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Delivers a quick, easy and accessible online booking experience for your users, wherever they are.

And it provides you with an easy-to-manage, effective solution for maximising ticket revenue and reducing checkout drop off, while delivering a seamless and enjoyable customer experience.

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Built with users at the heart

Viadukt is a flexible, accessible and user-first purchase pathway product that provides your audiences with a simple, fast and enjoyable ticket buying experience. Optimised for all devices and developed with a mobile- first approach, our white-label product solution gives users the opportunity to effortlessly find, select and buy the right seats and tickets to your events.

Built for everyone

Viadukt was designed, developed and tested with over 30 carefully selected users with and without access needs to ensure that everyone finds it easy to use, making it a truly accessible and user-focused product.

That's because we believe that accessibility and usability are near synonymous concepts — by making your digital experiences more accessible, you will be making it more usable by default.

Built with a commitment to:

  • Minimise drop off across the user journey
  • Significantly increase mobile transactions / orders
  • Make it as fast as possible to check out
  • Ensure that users with access needs can book online, confident with the knowledge that they have all of the information they need to make a purchase

Everything you need

Here's a list of the key features and more importantly, what they'll enable you to do:

Integrates with any CRM and payment tool
You stay in control of your customer, order and payment data at all times, meaning that your customer service processes remain completely undisrupted.
Seamless login experience
Users can login easily and efficiently, decreasing abandoned baskets and increasing conversion rates.
Customised looks and feel
To deliver a seamless extension of your existing brand, ensuring familiarity for your audiences and a booking experience they can trust.
Smart upselling
Appropriate in-basket upsells encourage users to seamlessly add relevant donations, membership, or food & drink products to their basket, increasing the sales opportunities in every order.
Custom admin panel
A simple, easy-to-use admin panel that gives you control over your seat maps and upsells. Edit, update, and save the seat map and upsells, while the event details remain powered by your CRM.
Scales to meet demand
Serverless technology that can scale to meet demand with short notice, ensuring that Viadukt remains fast & reliable during high traffic periods when large volumes of users are booking tickets simultaneously.
Smart architecture, Smart teams
Viadukt's connected but separately managed microservices means that issues can be dealt with efficiently in isolation, without causing disruption for users.
Optimised for all devices
Developed with a mobile-first approach, Viadukt ensures an easy booking experience on mobile, tablet and desktop. Meaning users can easily check out fast and when they're on the go.
Unparalleled seat selection tool
A thoroughly tested, iteratively designed, and highly accessible seat selection tool that's quick and easy to use on mobile - bringing your venue to life.

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If you'd like to hear more, have any questions or would like to see a demo, just get in touch! We'd love to have a chat about how Viadukt could work for you.

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