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The thinking behind our consultancy services

23/02/2023 2 minutes read By Kathryn

Over the past 16 years we’ve helped a huge range of clients in the arts and culture sector to realise their digital ambitions. Building websites and digital products, providing training and support to our clients, and working with end users is our bread and butter.

Our depth of experience means that clients regularly come to us for advice about their digital output, to make sure they are making the right digital decisions for both their organisations and their audiences.

These typically end up covering Analytics & Insights, Content services, User Research, Digital Strategy, and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

The (probably unsurprising) thing is that a lot of this stuff comes about when an organisation is building a website with us. But we know that organisations should be thinking about this regularly, not just when they're taking on a big project like that.

The very nature of our work means we’ve got lots of experience implementing this stuff - whether it’s user research, analytics or SEO audits, content strategy, journey mapping ...the list goes on. All of our consultancy support reflects the things we do everyday when developing our own digital products and services.

So now that we’ve got a bigger team filled with even more people specialising in a range of digital-related things, we’re in a position to offer this support not only to our clients, but to the sector as a whole.

Think about our consultancy services as an extension of your digital and marketing teams. You’ve got specific bits of work that you want to do, you just need to choose which team member would be best suited to help you get the work done - it might be a content strategist, insights analyst, SEO wizard, UX designer etc. We’ll be that team for you, without the cost and expense of running a full-time, in-house team of that size.

Sound good? Why not read more about our consultancy services and explore the Substrakt Studio. And if you’d like to have a chat about how we can help to make your digital work more effective, just get in touch and we’ll arrange a call.