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Our offering

Analytics & Insights

Whether you need strategic support developing a digital measurement framework or tactical help configuring your analytics, we can help.

We'll make sure that you have a clear and well-documented understanding of how your site is performing and how this sits alongside your other digital activity, such as social media or email marketing. And importantly, we don't only consider quantitative measures but will help you to consider what qualitative insights about your users might be useful, so you'll have a well-rounded picture of what's working and what needs improvement.

Content Services

Content is what makes a good website a great website. We can help assess how your current content is performing and make recommendations for improvement. And we can work with you to develop a new approach to planning, producing and maintaining high quality content that meets both your user needs and business goals.

User Research

User research is vital if you want your website or digital product to be effective. What that means in practical terms is making sure that you understand what users want and need, focus your efforts on meeting those needs, and measure whether or not that has actually happened.

Depending on the project we use a variety of methods and tools, from user journey mapping, to surveys, observed usability testing and focus groups. We'll apply the most appropriate methodology and the outcome will be a deep understanding of your users' motivations and needs, with a plan for how to use the insights to improve your approach.

Digital Strategy

All too often strategy is confused with Vision or Mission and as a result many strategies are too vague to be practically useful. A good strategy is about what you decide to prioritise and why. We will lead you through our strategy process which involves undertaking a comprehensive assessment of your current approach alongside your organisational aims and objectives.

Collectively we'll consider all of the elements of an effective digital strategy, including aspects such as resourcing, existing team skills, and required systems or tools needed to deliver the strategy. At the end of the process you'll have a clearly articulated strategy together with a practical implementation plan, including KPIs to measure your progress.

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