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Digital Works

Our programme of content and events, about all things digital. We bring people together, collect insights and share best practice


What is Digital Works?

One of our core values is curiosity, and it's with this in mind that we created Digital Works. A place where we can collectively learn from digital successes (and failures), discuss emerging trends and keep up to date with the most important news, products and innovations.

How it started

Digital Works was born from our observation that the best conversations at conferences come, often, not from the speakers themselves, but triggered by questions asked to speakers or between the delegates during the coffee break or on the train on the way home.

There was also a frustration that digital folk in these sectors, who are all-too-often lumbered with a head- spinning array of things they're expected to be experts in, are rarely given the opportunity to come together and discuss things.

Digital Works Podcast

Our Digital Works podcast features chats with different folks about the various things that 'digital' means in the arts, cultural and heritage sectors. We interview a range of people who all have interesting experiences and insightful thoughts about the digital world.

Ever Forwards

We are continuing to develop Digital Works, seeking out the most interesting voices, stories and ideas and sharing them far and wide.

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