What we’ve been sharing: Week 1

Author: Andy Hartwell

At Substrakt we have a chat room. Most of the time it’s filled with discussion on awesome design and technical inspiration. Often it’s filled with cats, dogs and GIFs. Or GIFs of cats and dogs.

Here’s what we’ve been sharing this week.

Tools and plugins

Jim recommended this great bbPress theme for a new client project Lee’s working on. If you want your forum to look great on any size of device though, there’s plenty of themes to choose from. You can even start from scratch, with Skeleton.

We think Placehold.it is a great way to test image sizes when designing in-browser or producing clickable mockups.

Kitting out the new place

Here’s a few of the items we’ve added to our wishlist of new-office essentials, for when we make our move to the Jewellery Quarter:

Mark would certainly be down with Jim’s suggestion of a tea urn (retrofitted to dispense grubby Nescafé instant, natch).


This is on Andy’s Christmas list:

And Ryan wouldn’t mind seeing the boss tooling around in this bad boy (or preferably getting the keys to it himself):



If you’re feeling peckish, this burger will fill you up… and then some. Vegetarians need not apply (sorry!), but there’s something for everyone over at the Love Food tumblog.

None of the above