Ticketing Professionals Webinar: What to do now, what to do next – roundup

Author: Ash Mann

After this year’s Ticketing Professionals Conference was sadly cancelled, the team behind the conference came up with a new way of delivering some of the content.

A series of free, 1-hour webinar sessions, delivered once a day over 4 weeks.

I delivered a session on Thursday 28th May which looked at how folks at cultural organisations could start to review and refresh their thinking around their digital activity.

Below is a video recording of the session, my slide deck and links to many of the articles and resources I mentioned during my talk and in the Q&A afterwards.

I hope this is of use.

Video recording

The talk is about 45 minutes in length and then there’s a Q&A.


Questions to ask

I suggested a number of questions to use as starting points for conversations in your organisations…

Are you confident that your organisation has strong, articulated, shared and embedded brand values?

  • If you asked 10 colleagues what your organisation stands for, would you get 10 similar answers?
  • Does your organisation do a good job of ‘keeping its brand promise’?
  • Is your organisation’s brand well articulated and understood externally?
  • Where does brand ‘live’ in your organisation? Are there opportunities to feed into (or start) this conversation?

Are you confident that your organisation understands why people spend time and money with you (and who those people are)?

  • Do we know who ‘our people’ are (or could be)?
  • Do we have a meaningful dialogue with our users (visitors/audiences/participants)? If not why not and how could we change that?
  • Do we understand what people value in their interactions with us?
  • How do we identify that?
  • How do we make that information shareable and actionable in our organisations?

Is data around your digital activity used to inform what you do (and don’t do)?

  • Do we know what each part of our digital activity is supposed to do? i.e. have success criteria been set
  • Are we measuring what matters to us? i.e. so we can tell what is successful
  • Do we understand the data we’re gathering?
  • Is that data actionable? i.e. do we have clarity about what to do if a number changes
  • Are we using the data to inform/contextualise our thinking?

And if you were to do just 4 things right now, I recommend you:

  • Ask 10 colleagues what your organisation stands for, use that as the basis for a conversation about culture, brand and values.
  • Ask if you understand what ‘your’ audience(s) value in their interactions with you? Be specific.
  • Check if you are measuring what really matters to you.
  • Make sure you understand the quality of your digital experiences from your user’s perspective. Rate the quality and ease of your experience out of 10.


Here are a bunch of resources that I referenced in the session.

Here are a few other resources along similar lines which I think are worth looking at:

If you’d like to discuss any of this further please just drop me a note: ash@substrakt.com, or find me on Twitter @biglittlethings.