The Women of Silicon Roundabout conference 2021

Author: Anamaria Brebene

After over 18 months of remote working and virtual conferences, the day finally came for me to attend an in-person, face-to-face conference again. And for myself and my colleague Kat this wasn’t just any old event, it was the only live women in tech event of the year.

On the 1st and 2nd November we headed to the Women of Silicon Roundabout conference in London, which was focused on all things related to women working in tech.

Across the two days there were a range of talks, workshops and networking opportunities that gave us the chance to learn about emerging technologies, individual experiences of women across the tech community and the various challenges women face (and how to overcome them) within the tech industry.

I must admit, at the beginning of the event I was a little overwhelmed by the number of amazing, smart women gathered in one place having worked remotely for so many months. But I quickly became excited to learn more about the speakers, their talks and to meet some of the other attendees.

The conference was broken down into four different ‘Content Tracks’: Tech Sessions, Career Progression, Business Evolution and Diversity & Inclusion. Within these, a huge range of topics and themes were covered. From public speaking tips to talks about AI. Discussions around the lack of female role models and how to become a better leader. Tips for people skills, business growth and how to manage your manager.

There were so many diverse things covered that we had all (regardless of our experience, education or job position) encountered at some point in our career as women in the tech industry.

Top takeaways

  • ‘Tech skills’ aren’t the only things that matter when you’re a woman working in tech. People skills, mindsets, and inclusion will take you even further in your tech career.
  • Everybody has had to start from the beginning at some point in their career, and seeing so many successful women achieving great things reminded us that anything is possible for us, too!
  • Women in tech are responsible for so many amazing things in the industry
  • Networking can be both fun and useful
  • We’re lucky to have been able to experience in-person events again

What I quickly realised was that everyone attending the event had (at least) one thing in common – we were all there to meet new people, to hear experiences and to feel motivated by other women in the tech community.

And the thing I most enjoyed was how unique and diverse we all were. Everyone had their own story and experience to share. There were women that always knew they wanted to pursue a career in tech and others who had decided to make a career switch. There were women with decades worth of experience and others who were just starting out.

But regardless, we were all there with the same purpose: to learn from the women in the tech community and create a support network for each other.

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