The Foyer Federation

Author: Andy Hartwell

We recently launched a new website for the Foyer Federation, a not-for-profit organisation that helps to transform the circumstances of young people who have faced barriers in their lives. The previous site was difficult to edit and manage for the Foyer team, and overwhelming and dated for site visitors. Both these things stopped the site from potentially communicating their message and helping those who needed it. Approaching the project with these things in mind, we crafted an un-cluttered and responsive website which not only empowers the Foyer team, but also better represents the organisations and it’s aims.


To give them as much control as possible, we developed multiple templates which lets them choose the best way of displaying specific content and keep the site fresh. As well as these options, we created a few bespoke pages which have been designed for specific content, but still offer everything as editable for maintainability. The about page is one such example, which has 3 distinct sections with a position dependant fixed navigation bar. The people section is another of note which improves on the previous site by showing the team behind the organisation, all with a bit of extra character. (visit to find out)

To go with the new website, the Foyer Federation is also the focus of one episode of Channel 4’s latest programme; The Secret Millions, which airs on Sunday the 7th of April at 8PM.

We hope you can find time to watch the programme, and share it and what the Foyer Federation is doing with friends, as the series has so far been very inspiring.

Joel Attar, the development and delivery officer was our main contact throughout the project, and had this to say about the project and working with Substrakt.

The team at Substrakt came recommended to us by a mutual contact – and it’s easy to see why: they were responsive and helpful right from the start and carried this through up to the date we went live and onto the support they provided post-launch too. Substrakt really understood that we saw this project as a real opportunity to transform our online identity for the better, and they did their research too. Visually and functionally they have designed a website which we are really pleased with, and which will be fit for purpose, and easy-to-use for administrator and user alike for a good few years. They also offered a lot of good ideas along the way.

Working with the Foyer Federation team was a pleasure. We are happy to have helped them bring the website up-to-date, in turn supporting the projects and campaigns that impact on young people’s lives, both now, and in the future.

Visit the Foyer Federation