SXSWi: Everything You Know About Web Design Is Wrong

Author: James Braithwaite

SXSWi: Everything You Know About Web Design Is Wrong

We kicked off our first Substrakt SXSW with Everything You Know About Web Design Is Wrong, I think we came out of it with a fresh perspective and focus on a very familiar topic.

Here’s a quick video summary:

raw notes: (my comments in bold)

  • media driven by tech not artists
  • master the tech and have good content = win
  • web needs to develop a language/grammar, film used to suck but then we developed ideas about how to use the camera to tell a story
  • artist driven instead of tech driven
  • list of sites that would be just as good if they were printed
  • above the fold is a big fail won’t be the last time I say that

don’t know what the grammar will be, but here are some emerging patterns

  • random voyerism
    examples like flickrvision because we like to watch see also: which I think is the best example of this atm
    we like to watch people, even if were not connected to them people are all the same
    another example is found magazine, which is a collection of found photographs we have the ability to construct a narrative from non-narrative forms
  • self-aware, but controlled, content (i.e. content with metadata)
    Metadata is content that knows itself better than we do.
  • user created content
    The web is about a single user and the choices they make.
    They control the content
  • ambient awareness
    trival and profound
    twitter as a portrait again with the network narrative thing, also relevant to Transaction Analysis
  • experiential content
    Rollercoaster is not the track, it’s the experience
    Experience as the content

Design is not about making something look pretty, it’s the whole stack, visual design is a means to an end, real design solves problems. Design needs to happen at the beginning not just at the end, and it needs to be jambalaya mix everyone in. Use an expert in the context to explore and protect the user experience

Here’s the answer but your asking the wrong question

there was a bit of talk about being allowed to fail and this usual learn from your failures vibe, I don’t agree, you need to learn from success not how to get it wrong

If you’d like to digest the whole thing on your iPod then grab the podcast, everything was filmed but actually I can’t seem to track down the full version anywhere.

More interesting SXSW stuff to come 🙂