Substrakt Health

Author: Andy Hartwell

We have always been interested in working with the Health sector, and have delivered several projects over the years which whet our appetite. Earlier this year came our big opportunity to give the sector the attention we’d hoped for…

The Prime Minister’s Challenge Fund was created to support primary care, improving service and accessibility to GP surgeries and facilities. South Doc Services (a non-profit GP co-operatative) led a successful funding bid to the Challenge Fund with a federation of 26 South Birmingham GP practices.

Substrakt, having worked with South Doc Services on previous website projects, were a natural partner to support on the digital elements of the proposed Challenge Fund project which included online appointment booking, viewing medication, ordering repeat prescriptions, personalised lifestyle guides and more. Over the last 10 months we have been delivering the project, creating an ambitious patient facing primary care product for MyHealthcare. The app is currently in closed beta testing and due for public release early next year.

We are keen to keep this work and our positioning within the sector as focussed as possible, so decided to launch Substrakt Health. We will be continuing our Substrakt ethos and values for this sector, ensuring we are proud of everything we achieve.

Please keep an eye on the Substrakt Health website over the coming months if you’d like to keep abreast of our work in this area. We will be publishing our progress, providing insight into the challenges, approaches and results of our work as well as our future plans.