Site launch –

Author: Lee Aplin

Last friday we launched a new site for the good people at They have a couple shops in Birmingham and Marple, Stockport, as well as an online store, to sell a wide range of clothing, jewelry, accessories and loads more.

The brief was to overhaul the design of the site and rebuild it around the Satchmo Ecommerce framework. The site design has a weathered and ‘grungey’ appearance to appeal to the target demographic, but still remains clean, clear and a good usable browsing/shopping experience.

We used a range of CSS3 techniques in the site, such as a multiple background images in places and @fontface to use custom fonts throughout the site. It’s also great to see the people at Beadesaurus already making the site their own by adding some new slides to the ‘featured slider’ on the home page, which will keep the site looking fresh in the future.

Check out the site at
(and maybe buy a little something for christmas!)