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Show the salary: a simple commitment

07/12/2021 2 minutes read By Kathryn

“The pledge is simple. To always Show The Salary for the roles you advertise”.

Earlier this year Substrakt signed the Show The Salary pledge, an initiative that aims to tackle the issues of pay gaps and inequity in the charity sector.

Salary secrecy during recruitment processes is one of the basic enablers of the pay gap problem. So we’ve signed the pledge along with 280+ other organisations to show our ongoing commitment to progressing equity, diversity and inclusion in our company and our sector.

“For too long, recruitment practices have bred inequity and hindered diversity in the charity sector”, the campaign’s website says. “It’s time for change”.

We want to help bring this change about by making some straightforward commitments to the way we advertise our job vacancies. As the pledge encourages, this means that we:

  1. Never ask candidates for their current/previous salary
  2. Only include qualifications in the person specification if they’re truly essential for the role

We’ve also made a number of other changes to our recruitment process over the past year that have been designed to help us reach a more diverse range of potential candidates. These small but significant changes are helping us to address any potential issues of unconscious bias in the way candidates are assessed.

“What we’ve realised is that there’s rarely one ‘silver bullet’ solution when you’re trying to tackle issues around diversity and inclusion”, says our Managing Director Ash. “Instead, making adjustments across a range of considerations will put you in a position to be able to start to achieve real, positive change. Showing the salary is such a simple thing to commit to and we hope that more companies will start doing this”.

Earlier this year we also founded the Tech in Culture EDI Alliance, which aims to bring organisations in and around the cultural sector together to share knowledge, resources, and ideas that can support their EDI efforts (read more about the Alliance and how you can get involved).

If you’d like to hear more about anything we’ve talked about here just get in touch, we’re always happy to have a chat: