Online resource for RE

Author: Andy Hartwell

A recent collaborative project has developed a new online learning resource for teachers delivering religious education in schools, launching in conjunction with a new national approach.

Taking place over the last few months this venture with Junction Media and Birmingham’s Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education (SACRE) has resulted in the website to be used by teachers, parents, governors, local authorities and faith communities.

A new RE syllabus is already implemented in over 400 schools and Early Years centres in Birmingham and the new site will support that delivery. The site provides additional benefits to schools using the new syllabus with the way in which it offers materials.

The syllabus has a revised emphasis of learning about faiths, respecting one another and living by rules. The website communicates these themes and aids lesson planning for teachers. All the materials are easily accessible through key stage or faith and disposition, making the site easy to navigate and its straightforward user journeys, it’s simple to access what you need.

If a teacher wants further help, they can book a session with a specialist RE advisor through the online calendar and booking system built into the site. This site negates the need for teachers to call the city council requesting RE support and advice, either all the information relating to the nine major faiths present in Birmingham is online for them, or even if they want some more help, all they need to do is book a session.

The site needed to provide information quickly for teachers and have all the new syllabus material reflected and easy to access. With a large amount of learning material available, teachers can easily access learning matter for their classes and with the way the site is developed with straightforward user journeys material is simple to find.