Pointe Blank meets FAKE magazine

Author: Andy Hartwell

Following the successful launch of Pointe Blank #2 back in February we were keen to prolong the venture. Collaboration talks with FAKE magazine kept the excitement going. FAKE magazine are an originally Birmingham based (now Oxford and Leeds) magazine focusing on independent fashion and visual arts. They produce beautiful A5 publications with full page photography and specially commissioned illustration, all for a steal at four of your English pounds.

Coincidentally, in the run up to Pointe Blank whilst collating a list of artists to invite for the new collection, Kerry Leslie (FAKE) was on my radar whilst in the meantime she dropped me an email inviting me to take part in their latest issue, 4. Having never met, we were both excited over each others projects and took part in a creative swap! She designed a graphic poster for the Hobson’s Choice collection and I created an illustration for the magazine for an article by Sarah Seaton. Talks of a collaboration event were exciting!

Kerry and I teamed up with our favourite local independent 6/8 Kafe (where the Pointe Blank collection was to move to) and organised an event for Saturday 10th March. We invited friends, local designers and other creative folk to come on down for some live illustration, the launch of FAKE issue 4, drink good coffee, eat good cake and even take part in a spot of doodling.

From 2pm, the sun was shining and we had Pointe Blank’s Jimmy Rogers and FAKE’s Pippa Stewart illustrating on some large boards out the front with their Posca’s! Inside we had takeaway cups filled with Sharpies and Rob had bought some beer/cup mats down so customers could take part in the Inkygoodness beer mat challenge.

Super fun day in Birmingham! Thanks to Katy Smith for the photos.