Notes from Heather Champ at Hello Digital

Author: James Braithwaite

Notes from Heather Champ at Hello Digital

  • history of flickr, how it started as gone
  • 40 + people, plus database geeks around ze world
  • heather was the 10th person, currently 2.9 billion photos,
  • cal fixed it so they could scale
  • 3 billion page views a month, 5,000 uploads a minute
  • experience the world from a different perspective, london bombings was busiest day ever, birth and death dynamic

community manager?

  • being a pinata people beat you with sticks but you still have to give them candy
  • tone of voice for UI
  • soft pressing tone of voice, human, clear, witty funny
  • ‘our community of full of helpful clever people who know more about flickr than we do!’
  • bubble up the good
  • step in when things are going weird
  • community expectations, community guidelines are good when they got larger
  • not just tell people what they can’t do
  • giving your members to let your members take the action themselves
  • flags and blocks, report abuse is priority, managed 24/7
  • communication is key
  • owning it, Sometimes we suck on flickr blog, sometimes it’s not going to be all good.
  • don’t wait, if you need to make a significant change to the relationship, allow 6-8 weeksÂ
  • don’t abuse what people are giving you
  • make lemonade, turn a negative around, turned the downtime into a colouring competition, we turned a horrible thing into something that worked really well
  • change is hard, a lot of the users were dlsr geeks who didn’t want to flickr to turn into youtube. The first 48 hours are reaction, the first two weeks are feedback about what’s going on.
  • embrace the chaos

unexpected activity on flickr

  • outside community coming into flickr, flickr as fighting crime
  • automatic photobooth uploading caught robber
  • worst case scenarios, mythical porn island where people were dropping porn

q & a

  • smaller team wearing many hats, there’s no school for community management, unflappable character, good judgement, don’t take things personally, take the time to make a right decision, sense of humour.
  • has the concept of privacy has changed?
  • flickr is a series of communities, different experience for different communities, what do people expect when people add a contact. how many relationships can a person have?
  • social network fatigue, lifecycle of an account, change the way they upload photos over time.
  • 24 hours of flickr, 21,000 people in the group, 1/3 of all members on the group added photos.
  • flickr 888, 7,000 photos
  • do I need to be worried about my photos on flickr? it’s a question on how people use content on the internet, not just to flickr.
  • creativecommons, how many people use it? does it work? There will always be people who take photos, flickr has the largest the largest collection of creative commons, over 10 million CC licensed photos.
  • is there scope of highlighting flickr users on, we could do more to highlight groups. there are groups all around the world
  • we haven’t done any traditional marketing, it’s all done though word of mouth, flash widget
  • tone of voice, how you maintain that though multilingual? we think the community guidelines are clear, but some people don’t get it. we used some translation people to translate the hard stuff.
  • the team were active on the site and the forums, we don’t want it to come across as the robot voice.
  • do you find it hard when people complain about all the change, even if it’s for the good. feedback is good, it’s only upsetting when it’s personal. the forum is just a small amount compared to the rest of the users.
  • do you know how many people left over the old skool logins? a couple of people left, what people say vs what they do it’s very different.
  • what’s next? we don’t normally talk about stuff that’s coming up next, perhaps a basket of kittens for every member
  • is flickr paying it’s way? flickr is doing really at the moment