Modern Art Oxford

Author: Andy Hartwell


The challenge was on when we started working with Modern Art Oxford in early September, but with a week to spare, we launched a new site in time for their incredible new exhibition ‘Love is Enough’ curated by Jeremy Deller and featuring rarely seen works from William Morris & Andy Warhol.

The impressive art gallery, which was a former brewery, has an extensive and diverse programme of contemporary art, and hosts gigs, films, performances, talks and workshops.

Using WordPress as a content management system for the website, we created a responsive site styled in-line with the gallery’s visual identity. The single event pages are very modular and can be built up by the MAO team throughout the exhibition’s lifetime, adding videos, images, reviews, comments and audio to create an extensive and engaging account of the exhibitions.

We also designed and built in a great deal of flexibility for the header of the site based on a joint design decision to feature large imagery throughout. Through WordPress, the web content team can upload featured imagery, then easily adjust whether the overlay text is dark or light, as well as selecting a suitable overlay type and even adjust their transparencies.

We highly recommend a visit to the gallery, especially for the current exhibition which runs until 8th March 2015, and of course please check our the brand new website.