Memory Bank

Author: Lee Aplin

After working with Yorkshire Film Archive to redesign their website in 2011, they asked us to work with them on another exciting project. Memory Bank is a resource which draws together a collection of video clips shot over 60 years held by the Yorkshire Film Archive. The clips were chosen to support ‘reminiscence therapy’, the idea being that watching video from when they were younger helps older people remember the past. The primary aim of the project is to help trigger forgotten memories, although we’ve also found it’s a really interesting insight into how people have lived, loved and played for the last 6 decades.

With a wealth of experience working with video from the previous YFA website, Substrakt was ideally suited to build Memory Bank.

We aimed to create a clean and functional website which would easily allow users to purchase DVDs or download content whilst also learning about what else Memory Bank has to offer.

The site has been designed to make it as easy as possible for users to browse the available content using a simple but effective filtering system to search for content based on theme, time period or a specific keyword.

Substrakt also developed the brand for the project alongside producing printed material including the booklet design and artwork which accompany the Memory Bank DVDs.

Built using Drupal, the website is extremely flexible and scalable for any future expansion, and there are many customisation options integrated across the site.

Visit the site at