Light House web launch

Author: Andy Hartwell

We are very proud to announce the launch of a new website for Light House Media Centre in Wolverhampton. We’ve been working closely with the Light House team for the last 3 months, which has been a real pleasure. The site features some functionality that we worked hard to develop specifically for the Light House, including a custom WordPress plugin that is used to manage the events.

light house [lite – hous] n. beacon for the creative industries; source of illumination on all aspects of media; guide and educator to all ages in pursuit of creative media and film knowledge; home to diverse array of film, animation and photography.

The Substrakt team headed over to the Light House on Tuesday evening to help celebrate the launch of the website. We were treated to a tour of the cinema projection suite, very impressed by the super tech HD projection system that they have had installed, although a little saddened to hear that the old 35mm is being slowly phased out.

The website will have more features coming soon, including Light House TV which will integrate with Vimeo as the gallery currently does with Flickr.