Interesting things we’ve seen in 2016 #2

Author: Ash Mann

Let’s start off with a few pretty and/or shiny arts/cultural sites that we’ve seen recently:

And a non-arts one too:

Max spotted that someone has written a NES emulator in Ruby.

Chris shared this interesting piece from Nick Babich “5 Essential UX Rules for Dialog Design”. He also spotted this suite of (free) tools for Sketch and/or Photoshop, apparently “Craft is a suite of plugins to let you design with real data in mind.

Jim and Ash saw Leila Johnston talk about her recent project as the first ‘digital-artist-in-residence’ at Rambert which you can read about here.

An interesting piece on how the font and logo for Rio 2016 were created “What happens when two firms, from two continents have to work together to design something for the entire world to see?“.

And an assorted collection of other stuff:

And last but not least here is a pretty ace video from Vincent Urban that we’ve all loved: In Japan.