Interesting things we’ve seen in 2016 #1

Author: Ash Mann

Here are a few interesting, useful and beautiful things we’ve seen over the past month.

Ansible 2 has launched (our Technical Director, Mark has written about our use of Ansible here)

Smashing Magazine have published a number of useful articles on the topic of responsive images:

An interesting look at how Basecamp use mockups: The Fidelity Curve: How to weigh the costs and benefits of creating UI mockups

Chris spotted this “Nice take on the traditional slider. Responsive, using CSS and Jquery. Needs some contextual titles in the nav, mind”

There has been a spate of arts organisations exploring 360-degree video of late, it seems that orchestras are particularly interested in its application if this is anything to go by:

An experimental demo where a 3D perspective preview is shown for a selected seat in a cinema room.” – would be interesting to see this applied in a theatre context.

This is a nice article on ‘the hunt for the perfect save icon‘.

Interesting longread on ‘the website obesity crisis‘ from Maciej Cegłowski.

And last but not least: