Hook Line and Sinker

Author: Andy Hartwell


With regards to my last post…I would like to admit muppetry on my part with both hands held high! Forget-me-not-panties is infact a hoax (which I’m sure many of you already knew).

It is just one of the project campaigns by The Pantyraiders, which include Plastic Assets, Christians against Hip-Hop and Goodbye Bitch.

Well hats off to you ladies…yet another one to add to the fooled millions!


On a more serious note, and this one’s for real…

A fish at a Scottish museum has undergone surgery after visitors complained it was too ugly.
A harmless but unsightly growth was removed from the goldfish, which was on show at the Royal Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh. ?The operation was paid for using coins thrown into the fish pond atthe popular visitor attraction. A spokeswoman for the museum would not say how many complaints had been made about the fish. ?Scientists decided to remove the unsightly growth after people expressed concern. The lump, which did not seem to distress the fish in any way, was removed along with one of its eyes.

As reported on BBC News online.

Unfortunate fish