Hat tip to Tilt shift CSS3.

Author: Andy Hartwell

Here at Substrakt we love a bit of emerging technology and CSS3 is especially close to our hearts just for the sheer possibilities it presents. At the moment it’s just that ‘little extra’ for people with the latest and greatest, but it’s potential, when widley supported, is epic.

We’ve all seen the numerous impressive ‘icons made with CSS3‘ tech demos, stared in awe at the technical feat and then jumped into the code to see how bits are done. Some people’s reactions to these kind of demos are somewhat overblown, saying their pointless and not practical. Very true, but that’s not the point. They’re meant to be inspirational. Showcasing what the technology can do. And to most designers & developers, this is pretty obvious…

But on to the post’s title subject. I found this yesterday, and was blown away by the sheer creativity and ambitiousness. Simon from Simurai.com has done an awesome job re-creating a photography technique known as Tilt Shift using text, text-shadows and rotation. It could be used practically, but it’s best to see it as a creative and inspiring technology demo for now.

Check out the post and demo.

We need things like this to keep us excited about a technology. Without these sorts of demos, the majorty would just see CSS3 as text and box shadows… Surely that’s enough reason for the top of the webdesign curve to keep creating things like this and this?