Getting my feet under the table

Author: Lee Aplin

Hello, I’m Mark. I make things on the Internet, and I’m chuffed to little pieces, to join the Substrakt bunch as their shiny new Web developer. (I am shiny.)

Some people might know me through my work with Rhubarb Radio, whose website Substrakt designed and I built. I also gave a talk at this year’s Moseley Barcamp about developing stuff from scratch. I run a successful web application for Twitter users, make podcasts and put in occasional appearances on Rhubarb.

A week is a long time in technology, but when it’s packed full of interesting things to do, it certainly flies by. I’ve now been at Substrakt for 7 days, and I’ve packed a lot in already. After a year working for myself, it’s great to be back in an office environment, and especially one as vibrant and friendly, and to cap off an exciting 2009 with a new position at a well-respected and growing firm is a real joy.

I’m hoping to bring my back-end dev skills and front-end know-how to the party, and help develop some of the exciting new projects the team have got in store. And any excuse to play with audio and video tools will add just a little to the already amazing pool of talent we already have here.

So that’s me. I’m @moxypark on Twitter, so come and say hi if you fancy a chat. I’ll be posting my occasional thoughts – when appropriate for public broadcast – here, and on my personal site when they’re not.