Eastside development plans?

Author: Andy Hartwell

I have just been chatting to a friend about developments in the eastside of Birmingham, a subject that I am keen on as it is home to our design studio. Our creative director, Jim, has also recently moved to a new flat in Avoca court, as too have several of my friends over the past couple of years. I have limited knowledge of the Eastside plans, and have just heard various rumours and plans. I haven’t managed to find any concrete information or facts informing me of development plans or timescales. Maybe I’m not looking hard enough, or maybe there is nothing to look for at the moment? Please excuse my ignorance if so, and help guide me.

The Council’s link to information appears to be broken.
There is information about Eastside sustainability:
Eastside Sustainability Advisory Group (ESAG)
This site links me to the official Eastside site to find out more, but it’s the council one, that I already discovered does not exist.
Sustainable Eastside
An interesting ‘vision for the future’ document pdf here, from 2002!

As a ‘creative’ area I think it is important to involve all residents in development plans in order to retain the businesses and take on board peoples ideas. I have enjoyed attending events such as the lower eastside dialogues, as they offer an opportunity for people to get their heads together and share interesting ideas.

Manchester’s ‘New Islington’ plan has a web site that communicates (albeit slightly too flashy for my liking, although they do offer an alternative display) the project in a good level of detail and involves the community.

I think the Council should consider producing a web site that keeps the public fully informed of plans, and enables discussion and feedback. I am excited to be in Digbeth and watch it develop, but would like to see this development (or at least the plans and timescales) and feel in some way that we can make influencial decisions.