Dublin + Data

Author: Andy Hartwell

Mark Steadman and I took a trip to Dublin for a couple of days in the last week of July thanks to some work we are doing with Birmingham City University. The purpose of this visit was to discover more about an interesting data visualisation application that is nearing completion, and to potentially partner up to apply this application to some of our projects.

The application lets you see what really matters by presenting your data in a fast, dynamic and intuitive visual interface. You can rapidly identify key patterns, trends and expectations, and drilldown to the detail required for effective decision making.

We were given an impressive demo that used large amounts of e marketing data as a case study. It was incredible to see how easily these huge sets of data could be explored in a manageable and visually engaging format.

The project team were really great hosts and took us on a tour of a few Dublin hotspots in the evening, so needless to say we managed to enjoy a bit of Guinness.

We are now working closely with the team in Dublin to produce various case study demos using interesting data from several of our projects. If you could benefit by exploring your data in a refreshing way then please get in touch with us to discuss the potential.