Dozens & Trails for the new Library of Birmingham

Author: Andy Hartwell


We are very pleased to announce the launch of Dozens & Trails, available for iPhone, Android and iPad. Substrakt and the new Library of Birmingham, due to open in September, have been collaborating very closely for the last year to explore ways in which their wealth of content can be more accessible, interactive and engaging to their users, keeping the sector current and enticing to an ever-growing digitally savvy population.

The application showcases some of the Libraries most interesting imagery as collections in sets of twelve (The Dozens). The Trails consist of twelve items which can be located on a map and which make a trail around the city.  Users have the ability to share the asset title to Twitter, Facebook or Email with a link to download the application.

dozensThe launch Dozens include

  • the Wingate Bett Collection –  a vast variety of travel tickets from all round the world, from trams to ski lifts
  • a selection of striking Second World War propaganda posters
  • some of the grossest-ever children’s books, featuring slime, snot and bottom-burps

The launch trails reflect Birmingham’s important contribution to the antislavery and suffrage movements, as well as focussing on what it was like to live as one of the poorest inhabitants of one of the British Empire’s greatest cities.

Please visit the Dozens & Trails app marketing page where you can learn a little more about the app before being downloading,