Digital Works #10: storytelling – formats, podcasts, Instagram, creating a buzz, and distribution

Author: Ash Mann

We had originally planned for Digital Works #10 to take place at the Goethe Institut London in May, but with the restrictions that came into place thanks to The Unprecedented Situation it quickly became obvious that that was not going to be possible.

We had been due to discuss digital storytelling. I have long felt the sector is missing an opportunity around this, and this topic now felt even more important as shows were cancelled, institutions were forced to close, and everyone became digital-only organisations almost overnight.

So I was immensely grateful and pleased that our four speakers (Matt Locke, Hannah Hethmon, Anika Meier and David Sabel) were happy to bring the event forward by 5 weeks, and do it all as an online-only thing.

And because of the increased relevance and timeliness of the subject matter I also opened up registrations so that anyone with an interest could join us for free, and it was great to see over 250 individuals book on from around the world.

Because it all took place as a webinar it was far more straightforward than it would normally be to record the sessions, and here they are for you in full:

Matt Locke: 5 Things About Formats

Matt discusses the way that attention patterns have diverged over the past 10-15 years with users’ attention moving towards the extremely brief, and long-form ends of the spectrum.

He also looks at  the importance of formats in structuring your thinking around content and giving your audiences clear expectations about how to engage and what to expect.

Hannah Hethmon: The Power of Podcasting

Hannah looks at different forms of narrative structure, and discusses the intimate relationship podcasts can establish between host and listener.

Anika Meier: Instagram or It Won’t Happen


David Sabel: Livestreaming and distribution

Digital Works #11

At the moment the next IRL Digital Works (DW#11) is planned to take place in September, however if things continue to be strange and COVID-constrained then it is likely we will try to hold another online version before then.

If you would like to suggest topics, speakers, or be kept up-to-date with our plans for Digital Works then just drop us a note:

And a reminder that you can listen to the Digital Works Podcast now, with new episodes being released every 3-4 weeks.