Developer’s Digest: Issue 17

Author: Ash Mann

Every few weeks our Technical Director, Stu publishes a round-up of useful links, articles, tools and products he’s seen. This includes things the team have spotted as well as things that Stu has curated.



If nodejs is your chosen environment for AWS Lambda and you need them compiled in a Linux 64bit environment. MacOS compiles to Darwin64 bit which can leave some modules incompatible and throw errors. A quick way to ensure your node_modules are being compiled in the chosen version of nodejs for Lambda is to use the following command in the source of your repo (Docker needs to be installed on your machine)

docker run -v "$PWD":/var/task lambci/lambda:build-nodejs12.x npm install

This way we can guarantee all the node modules will run correctly which prevents environment compatibility errors from the start


If you have some small changes you want to add, maybe some QA feedback, but don’t want to have to create a new commit then re-squash your branch, you can use:

git commit --amend

This will add your changes to your last commit and let you update your commit message, if you don’t need to edit the message you can use:

git commit --amend --no-edit



A nifty little trick I just learned when implementing security headers, if you’re unsure about what you need in the Content-Security-Policy header you need to implement and don’t want to cause rendering issues on your site you can use Content-Security-Policy-Report-Only which will throw console errors about all the issues you need to resolve without preventing the script, style and connect urls from being blocked. This avoids downtime and allows you to refine your policy before enforcing it.

CloudFront config

When setting up or editing a CloudFront distribution there is a section called Comment, use it! When you’re working in other services that need to connect to the distribution you get shown the ID of the distribution as well as the comment, when you’re working with lots of distributions remembering a specific ID is a waste of head space. The comment makes it much easier to find what you’re after and it is searchable!


AWS Fault Injection Simulator

This new service will help you to perform controlled experiments on your AWS workloads by injecting faults and letting you see what happens.

Gutenberg discussion

Mark and Keith are joined by expert WordPress developer Bill Erickson to discuss how to work with Gutenberg when building custom, modern WordPress themes.

More Gutenberg

Apparently I’ve read a few of Gutenberg bits this week. Not sure why.

Gamification of SQL

An online SQL crime based game

Video Streaming in Python

We will briefly discuss various options of streaming video over the internet and see a simple streaming video example using FastAPI that will show the video in the browser using the HTML5 video tag.


Capture The Flag

Do you want to challenge your vulnerability hunting skills? We created these CTF challenges to allow you to do exactly that, while helping you to quickly learn CodeQL.

AWS Database Modernisation Week

Tune into our virtual sessions to accelerate your database migration and modernisation projects

Break Point

The way the world delivers software to customers has changed drastically. Join us to learn what really goes into winning at test automation and continuous delivery, from the best engineering teams.

Found on GitHub

GitHub Skyline

View a 3D model of your GitHub contribution graph. Share it, print it, and more!

Awesome Compose

These samples provide a starting point for how to integrate different services using a Compose file and to manage their deployment with Docker Compose.

Project Based Learning

A list of programming tutorials in which learners build an application from scratch. These tutorials are divided into different primary programming languages. Some have intermixed technologies and languages.

First Contributions

This project aims to simplify and guide the way beginners make their first contribution. If you are looking to make your first contribution, follow the steps below.

Front-End Checklist

The Front-End Checklist is an exhaustive list of all elements you need to have / to test before launching your website / HTML page to production.


A collection of CSS3 powered hover effects to be applied to links, buttons, logos, SVG, featured images and so on. Easily apply to your own elements, modify or just use for inspiration. Available in CSS, Sass, and LESS.

Found on YouTube

The case against Net Neutrality?

Everyone seems to want net neutrality, yet it remains a contentious issue. Is pure evil the only reason anyone would oppose it, or is it a bit more nuanced?