Design Drops #2

Author: Daniel Alcorn

Here are a few useful bits of design related inspiration and toolage I’ve found over the past few weeks.

reMarkable: e-Ink tablet & pen

This caught my eye due to the fact that I swapped sketch books for an iPad pro and Apple Pencil a year ago. This promises to be a lightweight, longer lasting version only with a black and white screen and more realistic paper feel. It looks nice, but with a $700 asking price it’s not going to tempt me away from the iPad. However it is available at 47% off pre-order. Tempting, but I’ve been hurt by these kind of pre-orders before (looking at you Wacom Inkling).

Yassin’s Falafel House – Square

Square pioneered receiving payments via your mobile device, driving the ability for anyone to set up a shop anywhere. Focussed on a Syrian refugee’s struggle to start life in a new country, you won’t find a more poignant customer testimony than this one. It’s really nicely laid out too.

The underestimated power of colour in mobile app design

Smashing Magazine discusses the fundamentals of colour in app design (but applicable in many other cases).

The Type Snob and how to turn into one

This article talks about appropriate typography, combinations and optimising type for purpose.


Blue Light Filter Glasses

Apparently blue light from computer screens is really bad for your eyes. I started reading up on glasses you could get to filter the blue light, like a physical version of f.lux or Apple’s night shift. These stop you from suffering eye strain from prolonged computer use as well stopping the blue light keeping your brain awake at night. They’ve been pretty good so far, I’d certainly recommend them. Mine are from Blueberry however the Felix Gray ones are super nice (and not available in the UK, boo).

Enormous Collection of Star Wars Cross Sections

Some kind fellow posted dozens of scans of pages from the incredible cross sections books much to this geek’s delight. They are awesome.