Author: Andy Hartwell

Having previously worked with Mark Rose and Andy Williams we were approached by the former Capita Lovejoy directors to give their new venture an identity. In our first workshop we developed a name for the new planning and design practice; assessing their skills, background, target audience and brainstorming their key values as a company.

Design, development, delivery, derive, detail, depth were a few of the key words we came across – all beginning with De. We found the prefix De is often used to indicate removal or separation that we felt was quite appropriate to this new company – branching off from Capita. We explored various visual directions and felt that hyphenating the De could be a strong asset to the visual identity, following with some of the above key words across various media. During development we were drawn towards the name Define: “To determine with precision; to mark out with distinctness to ascertain or exhibit clearly”. We explored the colon mark as it often follows the word Define preceding a definition, set as two equal circles it lent itself to an interesting abstract element that could be implemented across the identity in a bold yet simple visual way.

As a new company we believe it’s important to invest time in all the small details, in this case – embossing, foiling, fluro ink and a subtle animated background on the site. We are currently working on the full website and introductory brochure.