Creative journeys event

Author: Andy Hartwell


Substrakt was lucky enough to be invited to talk at the Creative Journeys – Meet the professionals event, which is aimed at kids in education from GCSE – College, with the goal of helping them out with their future in the creative industry. Arranged by Creative Alliance at the Think Tank at Millenium Point in Birmingham, I was sent along to hopefully impart some experience which’d be helpful.

As well as explaining my creative journey from education to my current role, I wanted to explain how important communication is to the design & creative industry. Not just the obvious core principles of design, whether it be graphic or web, but also the importance of justifying your work and the decisions you’ve made.

I gave an example of an opinionated client and how communicating rationale would be essential in keeping the ‘design’ unaffected by ego and opinions based on little. But, following on quickly from that, I also explained that it shouldn’t be a battle with lecturers, peers or clients, but a balance of knowing when to take feedback, and when to stand for your decisions.

Over all the talk went well, and I had some useful questions at the end of my workshop which hopefully helped some kids out. What I talked about might not have applied to everyone there (somewhat difficult to do considering the event), but if I was able to reach one or two students, I’d be happy. There’s definitely a few things I’d do differently in a similar event in the future, but over all I thought it was pretty fun and would enjoy doing something similar in the future.

But, it was terrifying…