Creative Communities

Author: Andy Hartwell

We have recently uploaded a web site called ‘first site‘ for MADE. This site will be a grower, and aims to represent young people’s views and voices on architecture and the projects they have engaged in. It is being launched officially tomorrow, along with other projects, at MADE’s symposium titled ‘Under the Influence – The power of young people to inform public space’. I’ll let Julia Ellis (Chief Executive of MADE) do the explaining…

‘Creative Communities is directed to increasing the voices of young people and helping to ensure their opinions are heard and acted upon. It started with Youth Space, a Government Office West Midlands Commission, where young people worked collaboratively with architects and artists to create their own spaces in 6 different parts of the region. Leading on from this, Creative Communities is strengthening the strategic regional context for young people’s sustainable and self-directed engagement with the designed environment, particularly within the planning and regeneration contexts. Creative Communities comprises three live projects and First Site, a virtual architecture centre for young people.’