Converted to Mac OSX

Author: Andy Hartwell

I have always been a Windows man, using a Mac occasionally, but never enough to get hooked. I’m the same with mobile phones, I always go back to the Nokia after trying and testing other mobile phone operating systems. I recently brought a Mac book with the intention of running Windows. When the Mac book arrived I installed Windows alongside OSX, but made a conscious decision to at least try OSX for a trial period… as I did buy a Mac!

I can now officially say the trial period is over and I’m still on OSX… and loving it! I had a few initial problems/worries with the change over, Nokia not writing OSX software for their connecting package for example, but this is something I got over very easily when I discovered iSync. I still can’t sync directly with entourage, as I used to do with outlook express, but I don’t think that’s the end of the world! (but if anyone can help with that I’d be grateful).