Centenary Connections for IWM

Author: Andy Hartwell

We have just launched a mobile app and website for a project called Centenary Connections which has been led by Imperial War Museum North.

Centenary Connections uncovers objects and stories from archives across Greater Manchester relating to the First World War and unites 26 arts and heritage organisations in the region.

The app and website encourage users to take a physical journey across the area – following stories through the archive across the range of organisations and landmarks. The app uses geo-fencing so when a user visits a venue they get a stamp in their logbook. If they collect all the stamps they win a prize! 

IWM Phone Desktop

We worked with our sister company Nymbol to deliver the project. Nymbol is the content management system that powers our apps in the Cultural & Heritage sector and as a business, is developing its own products and services, you can read more about that over on the Nymbol site.

IWM App Outdoors

Please visit centenaryconnetions.org to find out more and download the app.