be2camp 2010

Author: Andy Hartwell

I attended and presented at Birmingham’s be2camp yesterday at the Library Theatre. The event was extremely well programmed and organised by Rob Annable (Axis Design) and Lorna Parsons (BPN Architects, RIBA and MADE). The morning session was focused on the new Library of Birmingham project and saw informative talks from Brian Gambles (overview), Peter Marsden (mobile technology) and Tom Epps (virtual library).

Be2camp is for people interested in how the latest web applications and web design techniques (Web 2.0; eg: RSS, blogs, Twitter, Wikis, etc) could help build a better, more sustainable built environment – planning, design, construction, even occupation and management of buildings, infrastructure, landscape, etc.

One presentation that really impressed me came from James Thompson from Buro Happold who spoke about the use of BIMs (Building Information Modeling).

Meshed Media have summarised the event in their blog post.

My presentation detailed a couple of projects and concepts we are working on that explore the use of digital media within the built environment.

  • The Golden Square project in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, where we have been commissioned to develop a digital visitor centre, accessible via the web, mobile devices and touch screens at the new public square.
  • Library of Birmingam digital wayshowing application

I also explored the concept of space surfing, being able to navigate a space and/or place as you would the web, allowing the exploration of city to be based on your particular interests to improve user experience.

Substrakt is really excited about the potential of using some emerging technology within this field and exploring the use of data pertaining to actual public spaces and buildings.

Below is a copy of my presentation. I used Prezi for the first time and quite enjoyed it, a good way to dump all your points / assets on to one canvas and then create a path through the presentation. It could potentially make you a little dizzy though, so be warned! Click the play button and then press your right arrow key to navigate through.

be2camp – space surfing on Prezi