Badego; A creative meetup in Birmingham

Author: Andy Hartwell

There’s plenty of developer and photography meet-ups to attend in the West Midlands, but a distinct lack of designer/general creative gatherings. This is surprising – considering the size of the creative scene in Birmingham – with new events, festivals and other live projects seemingly popping up every year.

London has it’s fair share of meet-ups, both big and small, (including the now colossal Glug London) and the north has a bustling scene in Manchester. Not being content with this, Gavin Auty, Andy Higgs, Ashley O’Brien and myself got talking one evening and decided to do something about it.

Designers to dj’s, architects to actors, painters to photographers, jewellers to joiners, writers to… well you get the idea. It’s an easy way to enjoy some light, post-work socialisation with like-minded souls once every couple of weeks; no structure, no pressure, no agenda. It started small, and spread by word of mouth, but eventually last year we built up a small following. We meet at Bodega, a contemporary cantina just off New Street that cooks up homemade South American style cuisine, and the drinks menu is pretty expansive too… The meet-up’s name is a somewhat lazy anagram derived  from this venue and is meant to be somewhat ironic, as we’re all lovely egoless people really!

The website

For a long time we used a twitter account to remind people of upcoming meet-ups and any changes of plan, with a fairly bare website with newsletter signup form to accompany it. Feeling inspired one morning I decided to set myself the task of re-doing the site from scratch in under a day. It didn’t need to be complicated, and it had a clear and simple message to communicate, so It was very much so achievable in that time frame.

In the end it took a little while longer than the time I’d set myself, mainly due to adding content, but I’m pretty pleased with the final result. It’s responsive from mobile to large desktop,  features the elegant typeface; Raleway from Google fonts, and some warm imagery and colours to compliment the venue where we meet. Content wise it briefly explains what Badego is, who’s welcome, where we meet and when the next one is, as well as a thanks to all the people who turned up in 2012.

If you’re reading this and haven’t popped along yet, why not come down to the next? It’d be great to get more along in 2013!