Back to basics – Templates from scratch

Author: Lee Aplin

Last week I got the chance to be involved in a new and really exciting Substrakt project. After seeing some awesome designs by Ryan I started to write some template code. This will later be used by our developers to implement some very tidy tech wizardry.

The process of translating a design into code is the norm to me as I spend most of my working day realising the brilliant work that our design team does, but much of my work is in WordPress, which means building on existing themes and frameworks. It really felt great to be able to build flat HTML templates from scratch on this new project, and I’m really enjoying writing each and every line of code myself.

Being a fan of super clean and elegant code (I’m somewhat obsessive over indentation and the general condition of code; if someone else cant jump onto one of my projects and find their way around the code easily, its not good enough), it is refreshing to have total control from the start and write everything in my own style. It has also been nice to work with the 960 grid during this project. On WordPress jobs I use a Substrakt modified version of the Blueprint grid system called Redprint, but am now considering refactoring our default WordPress theme to use the 960 Grid.

Hopefully we’ll get more chances to work on completely bespoke projects so that we can write more really awesome code from scratch, because I love it!