Author: Daniel Alcorn


Ammba are a Birmingham based content and digital strategy company with whom we work closely on a number of projects. Therefore, when they asked us to update their website, it was in everyone’s best interests that it hit the mark!

Clear & Concise

Ammba were after a professional looking, functional website that worked well across devices. As content creation is their bread and butter we needed to create a site in which the content was king. They also wanted the new site to clearly define who Ammba were, what they offered, and how this would benefit potential clients.

The site we built for them has answered all of these requirements and the feedback Ammba have received so far has been fantastic.

Focus on Content

We approached the design with a focus on consistency and clarity. This resulted in a simple and solid grid system and typography hierarchy that would cascade throughout the site. We also ensured the content had room-to-breathe with the use of negative space across most elements and layouts. From a user perspective this means the content can be more easily interpreted and acted upon. We also avoided the over-use of imagery across the site – the header of each page gives prominence to the title and introductory text only rather than a generic image. This adds clear signposts throughout a user journey and is consistent across every page. The navigation across the site and devices was also kept simple, clear and in instinctive locations for a user.

With this as the basis, the Ammba team were then able to use the fantastic image library to which they had access, and utilise their mad copywriting skillz to populate the site.

Head over to the Ammba site to see it in action.