All the web’s a stage

Author: Andy Hartwell

I’ve joined at an exciting time. This week Substrakt turned stage hand as Such Tweet Sorrow , the World’s first professional Twitter based Shakespeare performance launched to the public. We built the website on which the audience can watch the action unfold in full, learn more about the characters and follow them individually on Twitter.

As well as working hard behind the scenes, ensuring that all the data pulls together, the Tweets drop in on time and in prosaic order and making sure the site and the branding looks perfect, we’ve been marveling at the project’s popularity with Twitter fans. We had over 16,500 individual visits in the first 24 hours. That’s thousands of people all enjoying a dramatic performance over the internet. We think it’s great because bringing theatre, especially Shakespeare, to a digital and modern audience, can be challenging. Now, people all over the World (thanks to great coverage in places like The New York Times and The Guardian) are enjoying up to date, sometimes soap style dramatic performances from the comfort of their smartphones and desktops.

More details on why Such Tweet Sorrow is such a success can be read here, from our Fazeley Studios neighbours Mudlark, the cross-platform production company managing the project. It’s also nice to be part of a project where the digital brains are firmly Birmingham based!