Adobe hearts Typekit

Author: Andy Hartwell

2 days ago Typekit announced that Adobe was joining it’s ever expanding roster of font foundries. For those unaware, Typekit is a way of getting more attractive fonts on your website, but in a more accessible, legal way. Fonts on the web have always been a hit and miss subject. You either go with images, cufon, sIFR etc (flash and javascript rendering) which have drawbacks, or go with the font’s you know most people will have (Times New Roman, Arial etc).

In the last couple of years however services like Typekit have popped up, allowing webdesigners/developers to embed a vast range of fonts on a website, but remain fully selectable and legal. Most ‘uncommon’ fonts don’t allow for embedding on websites, or just don’t include the licensing terms for such things, so it’s a bit of grey area. Typekit (and similar services) however deal directly with the type foundries, allowing you to use nicer fonts on the web for a subscription, which pays the foundries for the right to use them on the web. Everyone wins!

So what does Adobe bring to the table? Quite a few nice fonts actually. Some of my favourites of the bunch are Myriad Pro, Caflisch Script, Minion and Rosewood Fill, but many more. This also injects confidence in these type services if a heavyweight like Adobe is getting on-board. So hopefully eventually, any font should legally be available to use on the web (within reason). One question i’ve wondered though. How are some clients going to respond to paying a yearly subscription for fonts, when there are so many free ones available?

Here’s a link to the Typekit press release.