A quick weekend win

Author: Andy Hartwell

If you’ve ever built or tested a location-based app, you’ll know that one of the most crucial pieces of information you’ll need is your latitude and longitude: your exact position on the Earth. Modern browsers provide developers an interface to get this info, and we can use IP-based geolocation (where your position is guessed from your Internet connection) for older browsers, or in cases where users don’t want to give their exact coordinates.

Over a few hours on Saturday, Ryan and I set to building a single-purpose website: whatsmylatlon.com. It’s built with PHP, the GeoIP library, HTML5 and with responsive design in mind, but is still a work in progress. There are a few other sites that do this, but I reckon none of them look quite as nice or work quite so easily, letting you copy your coordinates to your clipboard with just a click.

So, a fun and geeky weekend. Or geekend, if you will.