Digital Works

Digital Works is our programme of content and events which brings people from across the arts, cultural, heritage and creative sectors to share best practice around digital.

We hear stories of success, lessons learned from failure and discuss and debate new and emerging techniques, services and products.

Digital Works was born from our observation that the best conversations at conferences come, often, not from the speakers themselves, but triggered by questions asked to speakers or between the delegates during the coffee break or on the train on the way home.

There was also a frustration that digital folk in these sectors, who are all-too-often lumbered with a head-spinning array of things they’re expected to be experts in, are rarely given the opportunity to come together and discuss things.

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Upcoming Events

Digital Works #11, #12 and #13 took take place over three consecutive days in January 2021.

We examined three topics that have an obvious immediate relevance because of the pandemic but are, we believe, fundamental considerations for digital success regardless of the broader context; People & Skills; Audiences; and Money.

Videos from the three events can be found on the Digital Works YouTube channel.

We are planning for Digital Works #14 to take place in April or May 2021.

If you are interested in attending, hosting or speaking at a future Digital Works then please just drop us a line: digitalworks@substrakt.com.


We have started a new, fortnightly podcast which has given us the chance to sit down and chat with a whole bunch of people.

Previous events:


Digital Works #1 (Jan 2017)

Where? Hackney Empire

What? We discussed a lot, including; procurement; when to outsource; analytics and user testing; content creation and distribution; connecting physical and digital experiences; bots, AI and automation in an arts context

Who? Speakers included Robbie Beak (Ammba), Chris Unitt (One Further), Sam Knight (Substrakt Health).


Digital Works #2 (May 2017)

Where? Cadogan Hall

What? Data & Analytics and Digital Strategy

Who? Speakers included Aoife Breen (English National Opera), Chris Unitt (One Further), Katie Moffat (Audience Agency) and Joe McFadden (Royal Opera House).


Digital Works #3 (Sept 2017)

Where? Royal Albert Hall

What? Audience segmentation & individual giving, Crowdfunding, eCommerce & retail

Who? Speakers included Sarah Gee (Indigo Ltd), Will Stanley (Science Museum) and Emma Forward (Royal Academy of Arts).


Digital Works #4 (Dec 2017)

Where? Bridge Theatre

What? Getting digital stuff done

Who? Speakers included Aoife Breen (English National Opera), Jordan Ahmadzedah (Shakespeare’s Globe), Matt Griffin (Royal Albert Hall) and Nicholas Triantafyllou (Barbican).

Digital Works #5 (Mar 2018)

Where? The Roundhouse

What? Social Content & PPC

Who? Speakers included Chris Shipman (Royal Opera House) and Jo Carnell-Phipps (Illuminate Digital).

Digital Works #6 (Jun 2018)

Where? STEAMhouse Birmingham

What? Making design work for cultural organisations

Who? Speakers included Wallace Henning (Koto), Pauline Fallowell (Bridge Theatre), Rob Macpherson (Birmingham Hippodrome), Kevin Johnson (Urban Communications), Doug Buist (Shakespeare’s Globe), Nick Eagleton (Superunion).


Digital Works #7 (Dec 2018)

Where? Royal Academy of Arts

What? Content design and content strategy

Who? Speakers included Nigel Jones (Content Design London), Christina Hirst (Cancer Research UK) and Louise Cohen (Royal Academy of Arts)


Digital Works #8 (May 2019)

Where? Bridge Theatre, London

What? Usability, user testing, and social media

Who? Speakers included Dr Rebecca Gill (Bunnyfoot), Chris Unitt (One Further), Adam Koszary (Museum of English Rural Life), Miki Govedarica (Shakespeare’s Globe) and Sian-Estelle Petty (Shakespeare’s Globe).


Digital Works #9 (Dec 2019)

Where? Sadler’s Wells, London

What? Accessibility and inclusive design

Who? Speakers included Robin Christopherson (AbilityNet), and Pete Underwood & John Goodall (Bunnyfoot)

Digital Works #10 (Apr 2020)

Where? Online

What? Digital Storytelling

Who? Speakers included Matt Locke (Storythings), Hannah Hethmon (Better Lemon Audio), Anika Meier, and David Sabel